Friends of the Homeless

Supporting and helping homeless men and women in Romford and surrounding areas. 

We are a community group based in Romford that started with a little idea that flourished into a big dream. We help the homeless and vulnerable on the streets of Romford and surrounding areas by going out with hot food and drinks, providing a friendly face and a listening ear. For the full story, please check out our About Us page. 

How you can get involved


We are not funded by the government so any/all donations help us continue our work.


If you can spare a few hours once or twice a week in the evening, please let us know.

Cash Donation

Every donation contributes towards replenishing food and other necessary items such as toiletries and bedding

Our Aims

Our aims are to provide consistent resources for the Homeless and Vulnerable. There are places the homeless can go to get a hot meal or obtain essentials but the places they turn to have limits and are only open for short periods of time. We ensure that we attend three times a week, at the same place and same time, providing that consistency helps us know we are contributing enough help and support. We also provide care packages that include essential toiletries, socks, hand warmers and gloves to ensure that while we are not around, they still have the basics to see them till our next meeting. 

Another aim is to obtain a long term venue to work from, somewhere that we can set up without the fear of rain or wind. Somewhere we can have seating and tables so that the homeless can relax and enjoy their meal rather then eat on the go. We feel this security would aid us in reaching more people but also be able to improve the items we bring as we would have access to electricity. 

Our last aim is constant support via donations from those wanting and willing to help. With constant funds coming in, we can ensure we are able to continue our work. 

With a venue, volunteers and donations we feel we would be able to adequately provide the help and support needed for all those affected by homelessness. 



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