Crisis Bristol – A home for All

Even though its based in Bristol,  We feel it will be a great tool to understanding the current issues with Homelessness and want can be done. 
This is a free webinar hosted by Crisis and Caring in Bristol. It aims to inform the Bristol public on the impact of the pandemic on homelessness in Bristol and what you can do to help. All are invited to attend.
First half
The speakers will be sharing their next steps to end homelessness in Bristol.
Kat Caldwell, Operations Manager, Caring in Bristol
Councillor Paul Smith, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Housing, Bristol City Coucil
Steve Lee, Senior Campaigns Officer, Crisis
Second half
This will be followed by a discussion covering ways you can help locally or get involved in campaigning and activism for the Home For All campaign.
Val Thompson, Spring Of Hope, women’s night shelter, inHope
Jasper Thompson, Founder of Help Bristol’s Homeless
Steve, Senior Campaigns Officer, Crisis

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