Updated: government confirms eviction ban extension and introduces six-month notice period

A Section 8 notice – or simply an ‘eviction notice’ – is used by landlords in England and Wales to terminate an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) when a tenant has breached the agreement or fallen into rent arrears.

Under the Housing Act 1988, a landlord is entitled to take possession of a property and issue a Section 8 notice when a tenant breaches certain criteria. Notices are usually served due to rent arrears, or things like property damage and noise complaints.

Section 8 notices, however, cannot be issued simply because the landlord changes their mind about the tenant or wishes to move into the property themselves!

For private landlords, an eviction is a long and expensive process but necessary if they have troubled tenants. However, some landlord use this power to evict good tenants for personal gain. This leads family’s or individuals being sent out on the street. 

A ban to the eviction act will help so many of those individuals whos do not deserve to be forced from their home because their landlord was greedy. 

Full article from Inside Housing below. 

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